Book Review: Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight by Dr. Will Clower

Lose weight

The main thought:

Dr. Clower diet plan lets you snack chocolates that contains 70% Cocoa or above. The diet requires you to eat chocolate before and after meal including breakfast and dinner. According to the book Cocoa can help boost your metabolism by providing enough sugar (it makes sense that you cannot each chocolates unless it has 70% Cocoa content) and pumping loads of anti-oxidants to your immune system. The bitter-sweet taste helps reduce appetite and sends signal to your brain that says, “You have eaten enough.” Since you eat very dark chocolates, this diet won’t spike your sugar levels and instead just balance it so you will not crave for something sweet anymore. Get the book through


Before the book:

I’m a chocolate lover. My day will not be complete without having a bar of chocolate. My mouth waters whenever it crosses my mind. Chocolate is like cigarette to me, a bad habit to break. Eating too many sweets has taken its toll on by body, and I gained a lot of weight but at least I’m happy. Till one day, my friend and I visited our favorite bookstore when I came across this book that says “Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight”. I told myself, sounds a plan! I grabbed the book and paid for it. My friend thought that I was becoming desperate to lose weight, maybe I am. I have nothing to lose here, I get to eat what I wanted and lose at the same time, and so what’s the catch?


The catch:

I thought I could eat all types of chocolates but I was wrong. I could only eat dark chocolates. They’re not even sweet, they are bitter.


The process:

Maybe my friend is right, I’m already desperate to lose weight. I’m not the type of person who would agreed to this