Like life, chocolate has wonderful surprises to offer you. There is a kind of chocolate for everyone. The wide range of options you can choose from of what the best kind chocolate for you will make you love chocolate more. It has creamy, bitter-sweet, nutty, fruity, oily, dark, white, and other exciting versions to suit your chocolaty needs. Let us introduce you the must-try brands that are not commonly known by everyone. Your friends will be surprised on how you found these precious bites.


mayordomo hot chocolate

Oaxaca’s premium hot chocolate powder and tablets landed the hearts of many tourist who tasted it the first time. Simple preparation is involved, you need a cup of hot water then add the powdered or tablet form of Mayordomo, and you just made yourself a classic drink. No time to go to Mexico? You can get it here: Mexican-Hot-Chocolate-Tablets-Mole-Negro-Mayordomo-Oaxaca.



It is one of the most loved chocolate brands in the UK. Prestat offers unique flavor combinations to get away with the usual recipes out there. You will love their packaging, makes it a thoughtful gift for your loved ones and for that special one. However, Prestat chocolates are not cheap but worth it because you are not only paying for the chocolate itself but also the art involved to produce high-quality products that will not only satisfy your mouth but also your eyes. To buy:



It is another haven for chocolate lovers. Their brand offers daring mixes of flavors for those adventurers and for someone who would love to try something new. Their shop is cozy and has a relaxing feel, to make your chocolate tasting more memorable. Unfortunately, they only have 4 branches: Chicago, Los Angeles, La Belle NYC, and Las Vegas. But it’s not the end of the world for those who are not anywhere near these locations. Just simply visit their website: and you can order online.


Organic Chocolate Ice Cream

The start of their business story is quite an interesting one. Fine&Raw also supports being green by getting their Cacao products from farmers who have big roles in maintaining the rainforest. The product contains only organic ingredients free from harmful substances that are very common in the food market today. Their chocolates are simple but are very delicious. The mixture of bitterness, sweetness, and hint of saltiness says it all! You can place your order online through their website:

Can’t get enough yet? Here is a complete list of all the registered chocolate bars brands all over the world. Click here.