Chocolates are not only delicious but also are good product for business

According to recent market evaluation, chocolate has a high demand in the market. It has consistent percentage demand despite what time of the year. The sales soar high on special occasions like Christmas, valentine’s day and New year’s eve. It only shows that people’s love for chocolate is outstanding. (insert link about demand for chocolate)

Eating chocolates can make you happy

Unlike other research, we found out that eating chocolate helps you get anti-oxidants and can boost your energy. Women love chocolate a lot, it is  their favorite stress reliever and broken heart mender. Proven studies say that eating chocolate makes you happier by helping your brain to release Endorphin, a chemical substance responsible for making you happy. To learn more what is endorphin click here.


It is the new diet to lose weight

We are surprised when we discovered that there are some articles on how eating chocolates can help you lose weight. Isn’t in awesome that you hit two birds in one stone by eating chocolates? Upon discovering these articles we participated in forums discussing whether this newly found diet really works. Most of them said that it works! But there are conditions that you have to follow to reap the benefits of eating chocolate to losing weight. You had to choose the healthier variety of chocolate. They would like you to go for dark because it has lesser sugar and more cocoa, jump packed with high concentration of anti-oxidants and other properties that makes you feel full. Don’t forget to drink lots of water if you are practicing this diet. Resources:

womenshealthmag  | livehealthy.cron  |   Prevention


Drinking hot cocoa every morning is better than coffee

Coffee and hot Cocoa are excellent beverage to drink before you start your day. However many suggest that a cup of hot Cocoa is much better than coffee because it cause less stomach upset compared to coffee. Besides, hot Cocoa contains more antioxidant compared to coffee and since it helps your brain produce endorphins, this perfect cup can make your morning brighter. For tips on how to make your own cup of cocoa, visit the sites below:

 epicurious  |  loveandmarriageblog