Love for Cocoa

Amazing Cacao Tree

Cacao is an evergreen tree that grows in Central tropical regions and South America. This fruit bearing tree has become one of the in demand food source, bringing farmers livelihood and opportunity to earn decent income out of growing these trees.


Importance in Bio-diversity and threats

Cacao’s existence in the rainforest makes balanced bio-diversity possible. But there is an alarming negative effect of Cocoa farming in the ecology. Due to the high demand for the production of Cocoa, many farmers turned their back from organic farming and settled for deforestation. Some of them clear the forest from other trees to plant Cocoa, by doing that, they are already killing the interactions of organisms which is essential in the biodiversity.


Support farmers in keeping best practices

Increased demands for Cocoa production has caused some issues environmentally. Many concerned people saw the need for action, then Word Cocoa Foundation was founded. Visit to learn more on how they help farmers produce more Cocoa without sacrificing the environment.


Cocoa takes time to bear fruit

It’s not easy to grow Cocoa trees. Farmers need to shelter their plant from too much heat and from strong winds. Once a small plant become a tree, farmers need to wait for another five year before they can harvest precious fruits. To understand how difficult it is check out how you have to care and grow a cocoa plant:


Tedious process of chocolate making

Every bite has to be savored for the process is long and tedious just to turn Cocoa beans to something you can enjoy deeply.  From cracking the fruit, roasting, to tempering they are exhausting. Do you know that it takes 500 beans to make one pound of chocolate? Learn the step by step process of chocolate making