Will Chocolates and Marijuana Go Well Together?

A lot of chefs, as well as scientists, think that the two are a possible pair because chocolate can mask the hash-like taste of marijuana, and both share chemical cousins which are THC and anandamide. Both chemicals also affect mood, pain perception, and appetite.

The Chemicals

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the main active ingredient of cannabis. It fits into the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, affecting the mind.

On the other hand, anandamide is a lipid that can be found in chocolate and also be produced in the brain. It’s almost identical to THC and causes a mild type of high.

pot-browniesWhen you combine both chemicals, they are believed by many scientists to prevent the cannabinoids like THC and CBD from breaking down, causing people to stay high for longer. It’s probably the reason why pot brownies are common.

A Closer Look at Anandamide

This chemical found in cacao powder is also produced by the brain and is used by neurons to communicate to one another. It’s believed to stimulate the human brain’s marijuana receptors, causing it to imitate what marijuana can do for the body.

cacao seeds

Anandamide is responsible for pleasure and motivation too. According to experiments, it may be as significant as serotonin and dopamine. It could even affect the way we think and express our emotions. When it was injected into rats’ forebrain during one study, it served as a pleasure enhances. It even increased the appetite of the rats. Having said this, it might largely affect how much a human can consume weed.

Anandamide is even referred to as an endocannabinoid since it’s made by the human body and copies the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants.

Because of this, chocolate and weed are regarded to be similar when it comes to boosting the brain’s cannabis neurotransmitter system. But because there’s not much chemical in the powder, you can’t get high from eating chocolate; the high will only stay longer because of the chocolate.

The Other Chemical



Theobromine is a bitter, volatile compound that can be found in cacao seeds. It’s a xanthine alkaloid that resembles caffeine when it comes to its effects on the body. Theobromine is a well-known vasodilator which drives chemicals and nutrients into the tissues, which could also be accountable for amplifying THC and CBD effects in the body, according to some studies.


weed-budsAlthough further research needs to be carried out, the chances that the two could get along better is high. But if you can’t wait for the results of future studies, you can always buy chocolates from a store and harvest your marijuana plants using one of the top bud trimmers right now, then experiment yourself. But of course, be careful.